Figli di Pomigliano d'Arco 

A non-profit organization established in 2008
Founded by Giovanni Toscano, Antonio Ceriello,
Vincenzo De Falco,
Carmine De Falco, and Andrea Ceriello.



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9th Annual Figli Di Pomigliano d’Arco Picnic

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7th Annual Figli Di Pomigliano D’Arco Picnic

    Our Figli Di Pomigliano D’Arco 7th annual picnic at the Pugliese Vineyard started with cloudy skies and light rain.  It seemed that we were going to have a soggy, wet picnic. By the time 12:00 clock strolled around, the skies cleared and the sun shone over the vineyard. As usual the picnic tables were set up and beautifully covered with red, white and green tablecloth under the massive grape vine. Perfect setting for a picnic in the vineyard with the spraying of the waterfall in the pond filled with Koi fish.

    We had a full house with 195 guests and 24 children. The children were busy running around playing and later were taking rides on the beautiful dressed Pony going around the vineyard. The adults were competing in Bocce Ball and Horseshoes. This year thanks to Luigi Cacchiolli’s hard work, which organized the events, had quite a few teams competing against each other. The winners for the horseshoe competitions were Mike and Mike and the winners for the bocce ball competition were Luigi Cacchiolli and Joey De Falco. Who took home a bottle of Pugliese wine for each as the winning prize. Besides the two competitions, Antonio Ceriello put together a tug of war. It was hilarious watching 15 or more competitors pulling a rope and the losers falling on their behind. It was all in good painful fun.

    As the games were being played, Russel Cobb was preparing a vast amount of food trays Catered by Ceriello Foods. There was Barbecued chicken, sausages, hamburgers, hot dogs, corn and plenty of vegetables and salads. The food as usual was delicious and plenty to fill anyone’s stomach. As the games and food was being served we had the pleasure again to be serenaded by DJ and SingerLuigi Trombetta of Pane e Chocolate. We even had the pleasure of being serenaded by our own president Giovanni Calabresa who sang two Napolitano songs.

    To make the picnic a little amore interesting, we had a lesson by Ramo on how to make fresh mozzarella, which was silky, milky and delicious. Thank you Ramo and thank you to Michelle Ceriello for donating the Curd. Following the fresh mozzarella making we had two beautiful basket of wines prepared by Pat Pugliese that was raffled off. The Lucky winners were Jay Steinger and Jessica Haemoroi.

    To finish off the day Joanne Calabresa baked her famous Migliaccio and home baked cookies for us all to enjoy together with watermelon and fruit supplied by Andrea Ceriello from Ceriello Foods.  All in all it was a great day at the Pugliese Vineyard.

    I would like to thank everyone who helped and to many to mention names and probably would miss one or two. But I would like to mention and thank the picnic committee, Giovanni Calabresa, Elio De Falco, Carmine De Falco and Russell Cobb.

Special thanks as always, where it would not be possible without them, Pat Pugliese and Family for opening up their vineyard each and every year.


Picnic Chairman:  Joe De Falco

Figli di Pomigliano D'Arco, 7 th Annual Picnic at Pugliese Winery July 27, 2014



Sunday July 21st, 2013 6th annual Figli Di Pomigliano D,Arco Picnic

After a long week of high temperatures and high humidity, our 6th annual picnic at the Pugliese vineyard was a beautiful sunny day in the mid 80s with low humidity. The temperature only added to the successful day we the FDPD family and friends had. With 160 people and 20 kids sitting under the grapevine enjoying Napolitano music and songs by DJ Luigi Trombetta from Pane e Chocolate. With the adults enjoying a good glass of wine and the kids drinking grape juice from the Pugliese Vineyard.

Not only the wine and music was enjoyable but also the food catered by Andrea Ceriello of Ceriello Foods and attended by our own co chairman Russell Cobb was nothing more than a five star Barbecue.

The picnic menu started off with Bruschetta and Capresa being served family style to each table. The Barbecue consisted of sausages, sweet and hot, served with Broccoli Rabe. Barbecue chicken marinated with garlic and lemon, Burgers, Hot Dogs, Chicken Fingers, Corn on the Cobb, Cold Pasta salad, String Beans and much more. There was so much food that there was enough to feed an army. In fact all of the 10 trays of food left over was donated to the homeless shelter in Riverhead, which was very well appreciated. For the dessert besides the fruit and watermelon supplied by Ceriello’s Food we had Joanne Calabrese heaven sent, delicious Migliaccio and chocolate chips cookies, which went like wild fire.

Just as we thought the meal was over, Russell Cobb was serving a 125lb pig donated by Antonio Ceriello, where he had been Roasting  and basting from 8 o’clock that morning. Well let me tell you that the guests and myself thought it was the most tender and most moist pork ever eaten. It was so good that nothing was left of the pig, including the crisp tail, feet and skin of the pig.

During the picnic while the adults were enjoying themselves playing Bocce and Horseshoes, the kids were busy playing games, coloring and having a good time. The main attraction for the kids was when the Pony arrived for their entertainment to dress up and decorate the pony with different decals. Once the pony was disguised with different decals and clothing the kids each got to ride the pony through the wine vineyards, what laughter and excitement each and every one of them had. Thanks to Joanne Calabrese for suggesting the pony ride idea.

The last event of the day was the raffling off of two beautiful baskets of wines, ports and champagnes selected by Pat Pugliese. The lucky winners were 2 young ladies, of course over 21 years of age. Salute per cento anno to both winners.  It was a wonderful day for both the adults and the children.

I would like to thank my Co Chairman Russell Cobb, picnic committees Giovanni Calabrese, Carmine De Falco, Eliot De Falco and Joe Petrosini. Thank you to all who lent a hand in setting up and clean up of the grounds. Without all of your help the picnic would not have been as successful as it has been for the past 6 years. Thanks to Joanne Calabrese and Antonio Ceriello for their contribution. Special Thanks to Pat Pugliese and Family in opening up their beautiful vineyards to us each and every year.


Chairman Joe De Falco


5th Annual Picnic – July 15, 2012 

On July 15th our club held its Fifth Annual Figli Di Pomigliano D’Arco Picnic at Pugliese Vineyards in Cutchogue, Long Island.  The picnic was a great success with 147 people, including children, in attendance.  A great time was had by all.

Fortunately, the weather was sunny for most of the day and the showers that were forecasted came late in the evening, when everyone had already left.

The children were entertained by Dena Ammirati and Gina Moscato, with face painting and games.  The adults enjoyed all the great food, which consisted of a variety of Italian sausage, hamburgers, hot dogs, broccoli rabe, grilled chicken, corn, salads and watermelon, catered by Broadway Caterers in Massapequa.  While also enjoying wonderful wine from Pugliese Winery, the adults listened and danced to the music of Di Luigi Trombetta- Pane e Cioccolata.  For dessert, trays of cookies were generously donated by Antonio Ceriello of Ceriello Electric.  There were also trays of cookies and migliaccio, baked by Joanne Calabrese; everything was delicious.  

Two baskets of cheers were raffled off; the winners were Angela Fischetti and Jay Steinger.  

The event proved to be a huge success thanks to all the people that helped.  Special thanks to the picnic committee: John Calabrese, Elio DeFalco and Joe DeFalco.  Many thanks to the Pugliese family for granting the club use of their beautiful grounds for the day.  A big thanks to all the people that volunteered their help, including Joe Petrosino, Elvira Ceriello, Maria DeFalco, Joanne Calabrese, Joe and Gina Moscato, Dena Ammirati, Vincent DeFalco, Donato Montanino and everyone else that helped make the day so special.  Once again, thank you to our sponsors, Pugliese Vineyards and Ceriello Electric.

And lastly, thank you to all those who attended, until next year!

Arrivederci e un grazie a tutti,
Carmine DeFalco
Picnic Committee Chairman


4th Annual Picnic – July 10, 2011

A beautiful setting, superb wine, perfect weather, and great people set the stage for another successful picnic.   It was so nice to see multiple generations of Figli Di Pomigliano D’arco come together to celebrate their heritage and roots. 

The children were kept busy with races and games organized by Gina Moscato and had their faces painted by Dina Ammirati.  Adults wined and dined and danced under the Pugliese grapevines.  And what a feast it was thanks to Broadway Deli who catered the BBQ for the second year in a row, and the award winning wine from Pugliese vineyards.  Angela LoBianco kept the crowd entertained with both American and Italian favorites.

Two baskets of cheer were raffled off and won by Joann DeFalco and Spirri.  Thank you to all who bought raffles which helps to fund this wonderful event.  Luigia Iasevoli took home the cash prize for the bake off which was donated by Antonio Ceriello.  

An event like this could never happen if it weren’t for people dedicated to the purpose of this organization.  Congratulations to our Picnic Committee for a successful picnic, Carmine DeFalco, Joseph DeFalco, Giovanni Calabrese and President Giovanni Toscano. Thank you to Elvira Ceriello and Concetta Roper for registering all the guests and also to all the “behind the scenes” people whose help is essential and always appreciated. A special thank you to the Pugliese family for continuing to support our organization by contributing the use of their beautiful grounds and vineyard year after year. 

In conclusion, thank you to the people of Pomigliano D’Arco and all friends and family who attended.  We appreciate your support and hope to see you again next year. 

Elio DeFalco, Picnic Committee Chairman


Picnic Sunday , July 11, 2010


   On July 11th, we had our 3rd annual Figli di Pomigniano D'arco picnic at the Pugliese Vineyards.  The picnic was a great success.  It was wonderful to see 247 people and 28 children eating, conversing, laughing, listening to music, getting to know each other, playing games and having a good time.  The weather was in the high 80,s, sunny with low humidity, which also added to the good time.  The kids enjoyed jumping and hopping on the SUPER MOON WALK bounce.  With the help of Gina Moscato, the kids played different games including, water balloon tosses, sack races, and egg races.  Bags of goodies were given to the winners of the game and most of the kids who participated in the games.  The adults on the other hand, kept busy by enjoying a few bottles of wines (Complimentary by Ralph Pugliese), and listening and dancing to a mix of Italian and American music by our DJ Luigi Trombetta. After all the wine tasting, some adults were brave enough to compete in the Bocci Ball and Horse Shoe competition, which was officiated by Steve Alaimo, however no winners were decided on.

   Besides the entertainment, we had a beautiful buffet of food, specially catered by Broadway Caters, which consisted of Italian sausage, grilled chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, broccoli rape, peppers, potato salad, corn and lots more.  For dessert we had various flavors of cheesecake donated by Russell Cobb.  Delicious trays of homemade chocolate chips cookies baked by Joanne Calabresa and her daughter, which were a big hit.  Also, Ralph Pugliese was serving espresso to some of the guest with his toy espresso machine dated back to 1964.

   Nine families participated in the taralle contest, and the taralles were judged by pastry chef Bridget Garnock, and Bob Adamo, (owner of Politto Bakery in New Hyde Park). The winner for the second year in a row was Luigia Iasevoli with the winning prize of $200.00, donated by Antonio Ceriello Electric Inc.  (Recipe for the winning Taralle to follow.)  Our last event was the BASKET OF CHEERS which helped in raising money to help pay for this wonderful event.  The basket consisted of fine assorted wines from Pugliese Vineyards.  (Champagnes, Ports, Reslins, Whites and Red wines).  The holder of the winning ticket was our own treasurer Vincenzo DeFalco, which he was kind enough to give back half the prize basket to give someone else a chance to win and enjoy the Pugliese wines.  The event proved to be a success, only because of the help of all who gave a hand from the initiating of the picnic to the cleaning up of the picnic.
   A lot of thanks goes to Ralph, Pat Pugliese and family for opening up their Vineyards and for offering their help in any way we needed as well as supplying their wine barrels. Thanks to Antonio Ceriello Electric and Russell Cobb for their contribution.
   A special thank you to the picnic committee, John Calabresa, Carmine DeFalco and Elio DeFalco for their hard work in putting the picnic together.

   Thanks to all who volunteered their time from the setting up and giving up their time during the whole event.

Grazie a Tutti
Joe DeFalco –Committee Chairman



Picnic Sunday , August 16, 2009

Letter from Giovanni Calabrese, Chairman, Picnic Committee
The Second Annual Picnic was a great success! We thank God for the very beautiful day. Thank you to all the Figli di Pomigliano d’Arco friends and family who joined us and helped to make the day memorable for everyone. It was gratifying to see friends that we hadn’t seen for a while. It was great to see Ciro DeFalco join us from Washington, DC.
Congratulations to the Picnic Committee for a job well done, especially Carmine DeFalco for his hard work in sending the invitations and contacting everybody. We should also thank his wife, Maria, for helping us with meetings. Also Giovanni Toscano, our President, Paolo Palmese, Joe Petrosino, Barbara Toscano, Elvira Ceriello, Concetta
Roper, Nancy Ceriello,Andrew Manfredi, Ellio DeFalco, and all the members who contributed their time to make the Picnic a big success.. Special thanks to Peter and Larry Pugliese for their invaluable assistance before and during the Picnic.
And, of course, a special thank you to Ralph Pugliese of Pugliese Vineyards for contributing the beautiful setting and the award-winning wines and his uncompromising commitment to the success of the Figli di Pomigliano d’Arco Organization. Let’s not forget the special espresso coffee he personally made from his father’s restaurant’s treasured coffee machine.
A great big thank you to Andrea Ceriello of Ceriello Fine Foods, our Vice-President, for contributing the wonderful menu we all enjoyed and his tireless effort to ensure that everything went smoothly.
Thank you to Russell Cobb, who supplied us with the delicious cheescakes that everyone appreciated. Thank you to Antonio Ceriello and family for providing the prizes for the Migliaccio Contest and Door Prize.
Thank you to all who entered the Migliaccio competition. The winners were: First Place, Luigia Iasevoli. Second Place, Giuseppina Pirozzi. Third Place, Lisa Delia Graffaglino.
We hope everyone had a great time, and we’ll see you next year!
Giovanni Calabrese


Picnic Sunday , July 27, 2008

On Sunday , July 27, 2008 the first annual picnic of Figli Di Pomigliano D’arco took place at Pugliese Vineyard in the picturesque North Fork of Long Island. Approximately 180 people attended. It was wonderful to see the first, second, and third generations of Figli Di Pomigliano D’arco together at this event. Sitting under the beautiful grapevines while Italian melodies were being played, the Pomiglianese people enjoyed Pugliese wine and dined on fine Ceriello food. The spirit of Pomigliano was extremely high. It was demonstrated not only by the excitement and good will that filled the lawns of Pugliese vineyard, but also by the generosity in donations given.

In spite of the torrential rains, the Pomiglianese spirit was not dampened. The picnic continued inside the winery. Once inside, a short ceremony took place honoring Ralph Pugliese for allowing us to use the premises and donating all the wine and espresso for this event. Also honored was Andrea Ceriello for donating all the delicious food and for serving as the picnic’s head chef. Finally, Antonio Ceriello was honored for personally financing Figli Di Pomigliano D’arco website.

In recognition of their great generosity, the President presented each of the honorees with a signature globe symbolic of Figli Di Pomigliano D’arco nel mondo.

We take this opportunity to congratulate the committee of Figli Di Pomigliano D’arco for running a very successful event!

A special thank you to the following people who assisted the committee in planning and running the picnic:
Russell Cobb {Day Star Enterprises- donated all the fabulous desserts}
Giovanni Calabrese
Concetta Roper
Maria Conte
Raffaella and Concetta Ann Ceriello
Nancy Ceriello
Maria De Falco
Anthony De Falco

In conclusion, we extend a heartfelt thank you and sincere appreciation to all the people of Pomigliano D’arco and friends for their generous donations to our newly formed organization. "Grazie Molto"

July 27, 2008 ~ Picnic at Pugliese Winery

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